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Bodhala Executive Dan Leary Published in NASDAQ


Cryptocurrency: Both a Revolutionary Technology and a Bubble in Waiting Indeed, the question itself has reached bubble status. Frequently, the question confuses whether crypto is (or will be) a bubble with whether the technology has long-term value. Both are true. Cryptocurrency is a revolutionary technology, and the excitement over revolutionary technology creates bubbles. Revolutionary technologies result [...]

Raj Goyle Interviewed by Neil C. Hughes on The Tech Blog Writer Podcast


Listen to Raj's interview with Neil by clicking here. Read an excerpt from Neil's blog on the interview below: Bodhala is an AI-powered legal tech platform that takes a mass quantity of data, analyzes it, and provides actionable, easy-to-use insights. Founded by Raj Goyle and Ketan Jhaveri, Bodhala’s insights empower in-house legal departments to accurately forecast [...]

Bodhala Co-CEO Raj Goyle’s Take on Data in the Super Bowl… And the Law.


Check out Bodhala co-CEO Raj Goyle's take on the Eagles' use of sports data - and how these same concepts are being applied in the law. Data the Super Bowl? While Cris Collinsworth rightly praised Doug Pederson's gutsy call for a trick play at fourth and goal that resulted in a key touchdown for the Eagles, he [...]

A Byline by Bodhala CEO Raj Goyle is on


The legal industry has a storied history of resistance to technological change. Everyday business necessities such as the telephone, computer, electronic document management systems and email were all originally met with skepticism by law’s top decision makers. Their excuses against adaptation were always the same; the costs were too high, the system as it currently existed [...]

Bodhala Featured in LegalTech News


  The use of big data analytics—in short, finding insights in extremely large data sets—has been transforming the way many U.S. industries operate.  And the legal industry is no exception: From case law to M&A transactions, attorneys are now able to see the forest for the trees. But such insights do not come easy. Collecting and analyzing enough data to provide meaningful metrics to legal professionals can be an [...]

Bodhala Featured on Forbes


The world of law can sometimes seem like Hogwarts: hard to penetrate, hard to understand (even if you get a glimpse inside) and seemingly hidebound in tradition. Slowly, but inevitably even the law is seeing disruption. Many aspects of entry level / recent law school graduates have been slashed by technology. Young law firm associates once spent [...]

The American Lawyer: What 2017s Trends Can Mean for Big Law in 2018


Recently, Bodhala was featured in an article on The American Lawyer discussing big law trends from 2017, and how they'll shift the industry in 2018. Consider upstart data analytics firm Bodhala, which was launched about three years ago by two Harvard Law School grads. The company started to help legal departments pull their spending and [...]

Bodhala Co-CEO Raj Goyle Interviewed by ZDNet on the Role of Technology in Politics


Tech giants should be held to the same account as other companies such as banks and insurers when it comes to their potential influence on politics, according to Raj Goyle, who served two terms in the Kansas House of Representatives and went on to found artificial intelligence startup Bodhala. The civil rights lawyer-turned-entrepreneur told ZDNet that [...]

Bodhala CEO Raj Goyle Speaks with Rhys Dipshan of LegalTech News


Raj Goyle recently spoke with LegalTech News about data and AI in the shifting legal sphere. Attorneys have turned to artificial intelligence to reduce costs in tasks like e-discovery, contracts and due diligence. But more recently, AI has been getting to the heart of the matter, fueling legal spend analytics platforms that help law firms and legal departments better understand and change their spend habits. [...]

Bodhala CEO Raj Goyle Quoted in Inc. Magazine Criticizing Trump Administration’s Immigration Policy


Inc. Magazine quoted Raj Goyle, co-CEO of Bodhala, in an article on the effect of the Trump Administration's immigration policy on American business.  Goyle, along with other technology industry CEOs, noted that opposition to immigration will hurt American innovation and American businesses.  Goyle said in the article: "The administration continues to get it wrong on [...]